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The Glaz Bridge project is unique. It gives art lovers and collectors the opportunity to acquire a new art object that is not just a work of art. It is a lasting timeless memory with a value that increases with time.


Our object, which we can design, prototype, manufacture and eventually exhibit, and which we guarantee to be completely unique; brings together visual artists from different disciplines together with leading glassmakers. Our artists and their skill in creating such unprecedented objects combine beauty, art and piety into a unique work.


An object that is also an investment in art.


An object that is also marketable.

An object that, like a will, is a solution for preserving one's own remains or the remains of a loved one, either only a portion or the entire cremated mass, either permanently or for a short period of time.


An object that can also be divided into several parts for multiple survivors.


An object that can be transported and, unlike a tomb, can travel with us or be moved.


Our project glorifies the theme of dying and treats mourning as a dignified celebration. The art transforms grief into the beauty of an art object and into a celebration of memories, which are again given grace and magic.


Glaz Bridge is a sustainable and functional contemporary solution. It is unique in its comprehensive solution and built on uniqueness, charm, quality and the perfect service associated with its implementation.

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