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photo: Michaela Karásková



Lucie Jindrák Skřivánková is a painter with an expressive colouristic painting gesture with a strong inclination towards abstract form. A multidisciplinary artist, she also works with tapestry, AR and sculptures.


Lucie Jindrák Skřivánková (1982) is based in Prague in her studio at Nový Svět - in the heart of historic Prague near Prague Castle, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2009 in the studio of Michael Rittstein. Already during her studies she debuted her distinctive structural painting on the Czech scene. This remarkable Czech painter has already had countless exhibitions - Karpuchina Gallery, Trafo Gallery, The Chemistry Gallery, as well as abroad - Germany, Brazil, Sweden. At first glance, Lucie Skřivánková's temperamental personality is evident in her paintings: her large-scale abstract paintings attract attention with their colourfulness and expressive painterly gesture. On closer inspection, however, the viewer discovers subtle nuances of colour and texture that refer to the more subtle and highly intuitive side of her environment.
Lucie J. Skřivánková tends to express herself with a tendency to abstract form. She varies in a fairly wide range defined by subtle texture or structural layering on the one hand and pronounced deformations on the other. Lucie J. Skřivánková's work is mainly supported by painting with plaster pastes, worked directly with the fingers or even with tools designed for subtle construction or facade activities, so that her linearly guided gestural compositions - with a bit of exaggeration - achieve haptic qualities

She takes inspiration from her immediate surroundings.  She is a multi-disciplinary artist and also works with Tapestry, Tapestry, Mapping , AR and Sculpture.Her characteristic expressive colouristic painterly handwriting is also written into various interdisciplinary collaborations with artists, designers, architects and many others. Since 2020, together with the M.P.K.J.V.L.J.S. collective, she has been co-creating art furniture and objects that draw on traditional artistic disciplines and experimentally break the boundaries of applied design and art. It is represented in private collections in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. She sells her art continuously. And even to Hollywood, where she creates art furniture in collaboration with artists Milan Pekar and Jakub Vávra. He is fresh from Artfair in South Korea. 

molten-glass sculpture, blown glass
Lhotský glassworks


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