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Glass Soul / Pietas I., collection 2023

Glaz Bridge, production of funerary art

molten-glass sculpture, blown glass

Lhotský glassworks, Štefánek glass forge



dimensions: 140 x 140 x 600 millimeters, weight: Cap: 2 kilograms

Dominating the oeuvre of Filip Kůrka are motifs from raw natural realities skilfully
rendered through various methods: assemblage, painting, drawing.

Goodbey To Hunting

If you are interested in your own private work, do not hesitate to visit our e-shop.


For each offered object we enclose:

  • the author's certificate

  • certificate of production in the KLUMPAR / LHOTSKÝ glassworks

  • certificate of authenticity GLAZ BRIDGE

  • medallion from the author's production

  • engraved logo on the object

  • shipping box suitable for air transport

  • we produce 1 to max 5 pieces of each object according to the copyright law, each piece is original

  • each of the objects can be produced in a different colour, same form

  • we are able to arrange for the production of a different work from each of the authors

  • delivery from the binding order is guaranteed from 1 to 3 months


Relevant service:

We provide the relevant service (transport, safe storage in a depository, photo documentation, insurance, repairs, etc.)

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