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Invitation for International Investment in Czech Contemporary Art

In recent years, the fusion of art and memorialization has evolved into a deeply profound and personalized experience. Now, we at Glaz Bridge, a pioneering Czech company specializing in bespoke contemporary art, are extending an invitation to international investors and trading companies to join us in bringing the rich heritage of Czech glass artistry to global markets.

Our recent exhibition, "Glass Soul: The Return of Funerary Sculpture" held at the prestigious Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, marked a significant milestone in redefining the concept of art. The exhibition showcased the work of 21 artists from diverse disciplines who crafted stunning memorial pieces, transcending the traditional notion of urns to create exquisite art objects that honor and celebrate the lives of loved ones.

Moreover, our proven track record of craftsmanship and innovation is underscored by our collaboration with award winning Studio Lhotský in the production of a sarcophagus for the Royal Danish Court. This monumental project, designed by Danish sculptor Bjoern Norgaard, exemplifies our ability to execute complex and prestigious commissions on an international scale which other renowned craftsmanship experts around the world could not complete.

The technological uniqueness of Czech glass is visible all over the country, as evidenced by its inclusion in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage, including the recent recognition of blown glass bead production in 2020. Our commitment to preserving and innovating within this rich tradition is at the heart of our mission.

At Glaz Bridge, we not only offer unique and meaningful art pieces but also provide consumers with an opportunity to invest in beautiful works of art from the hands of Czech artists. International artists, on the other hand, do collaborate with our project to enhance their visibility with this stellar opportunity to feature their talent as well. Our range of offerings includes bespoke glass sculptures, urns, vessels, and tombstones, each meticulously crafted to celebrate life and honor the memories of loved ones. By purchasing a Glaz Bridge piece, consumers not only acquire a timeless testament to remembrance but also become part of a community dedicated to preserving cultural heritage through art.


As we embark on our next endeavor, the Art competition “Open Call volume II.”, we invite investors to join us in supporting the creation of a new collection of contemporary stelae and tombstones. Some will be even available in design shops, art galleries and retail stores around Europe. By participating in this venture, investors can contribute to the expansion of our product line and the promotion of art as a meaningful and personalized expression of remembrance, but also own a significant piece of art with tremendously appreciating value.

Furthermore, our forthcoming publication, "Glass Soul / Pietas," will offer readers a comprehensive insight into the world of funeral art, accompanied by a glossary and rites of passage from diverse cultures. Through it, investors can align themselves with a project that not only promotes artistic expression but also fosters cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

As we continue to innovate and expand our offerings, we remain committed to our vision of bridging cultures and communities through the universal language of creativity and commemoration. We invite interested investors and trading companies to join us on this journey as we bring the beauty and craftsmanship of Czech art to audiences around the world.

For further inquiries and partnership opportunities, please contact us at

Together, let us create art that not only transcends boundaries and honors the enduring spirit of life and love, but brings fascinating capabilities of Czech hands and art functional design.




We are dedicated to enlivening funeral culture through the artistic means of the urn, stele, tombstone and small accompanying artifacts to complement the preparation, departure and remembrance such as the funeral tea service.

In particular, through art projects, we thus bring reflection to a wide audience across generations and social circles.
We are open and ready for collaboration on partial and conceptually challenging projects supporting craft, glass and education.


In all cultures, funerary rituals are represented in many forms and result in the burial of the remains of the deceased; pyramids, ancient sarcophagi, catacombs, simple graves, ritual sacrifice to the gods or return to nature. Since the late 19th century, after overcoming ecclesiastical objections, the deceased have ceased to be buried only in the ground, and the vast majority are cremated; the remains are then placed in unified urns, which are usually placed in columbariums.

Especially after World War II, we can observe a decline in burial rituals, not only in the Czech lands. Only simple crosses or sculptural tombstones, which are part of the so-called funerary art, remind us of the responsible and reverent attitude of our ancestors towards their dead.

As physical departure from earthly life is currently a marginal topic in our society, the GlazBridge Group decided to provoke a wider discussion on this issue.


The first step was the realization of the GLASS SOUL / PIETAS I urn project, the intention of which was to pay tribute to the deceased by artistic means, which was quite common in the past. The theme was the representation of funeral urns. Glass material and the unique traditional artisanal technology of melting glass into a mould were chosen as the starting point for the realisation, which offers much wider possibilities than the classic urns of the usual shape.

21 leading Czech artists from various disciplineswere approached to implement the project . The artists are diverse in age and professional experience, working in the fields of glassmaking, sculpture, painting, architecture, jewellery and photography. Each artist was thus able to offer from his or her position a way to pay tribute to the deceased. The result was a unique collection of funeral urns, which was exhibited at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague (17 May - 17 September 2023) and met with a great response from professionals and the general public. This year, part of the collection will be exhibited not only in Czech centres in Vietnam and Italy.

On the first project, we collaborated with the following authors: Vladimíra Klumpar-Pavlik (sculptor, glassblower), Federiko Díaz (sculptor working with robotics, multimedia artist), Martin Janecký (sculptor, glassblower), Petr Písařík (painter, sculptor), Alžběta Jungrová ( photographer), Zdeněk Fránek (architect), Tono Stano (photographer), Zdeněk Lhotský (glass maker, sculptor, artist, graphic artist), Marek Číhal (painter), Vladimír 518 (rapper, painter, typographer, writer), Michal Škapa (painter, graphic artist, typographer, designer), Filip Kůrka (painter), Matyas Pavlik (glazier), Michal Cimala (sculptor, painter and musician), Jakub Janovský (painter and sculptor), Antonín Střížek (painter, photographer), Natalie Dufková, (fashion designer) Jiří Belda (jeweler, sculptor), Viktorie Beldová (jeweler), Lucie Švitorková (glassmaker), and Epos 257 (conceptual artist).

The collection is followed by another production of urns, with the curatorial selection focusing not only on domestic but also foreign artists. A new direction has  been taken with the FLACONS AD MEMORIAM / PIETAS II.collection of urns, which once again makes a significant intervention in the funerary market, providing space for not only human but animal remains. We cooperate with Umprum in Prague and other institutions.

   After the successful completion of the first part of the GLASS SOUL / PIETAS I. program, we are now proceeding to develop the theme with another project aimed at the artistic representation of tomb stelae. Under the title STELE WITH HEART / PIETAS III. an open one-off art competition for the design of funerary stelae was announced .

We are currently preparing a bilingual publication GLASS SOUL /PIETAS which will present the entire collection of urns. The publication includes a glossary of funerary culture, a section on the importance of the Czech glassmaking tradition and other artistic crafts, and examples of departure rituals at home and around the world. Authors: Martina Sikorová, Karel Holub, Sylva Petrová, Mária Galová, Roman Prahl, Marie Míčová, Vladimir 518 and others.

With reference to the work we have done, we would like to offer that we would welcome cooperation and partnership within the framework of a society-wide perspective on issues related to funeral culture, whether in the social or cultural sphere. We and our collaborating authors are open to working with you and on partial and conceptually.

At the same time, we would like to ask you to support our activities with advice, recommendation, financial contribution through a grant or a kind patronage. Thank you in advance.

Thanks for Vietnamese translation:

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