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The Glaz Bridge group under the name Flacons ad Memoriam / Pietas II. has embarked on the realization of a new generation of flacons, which can serve as a storage for human or animal remains, thus expanding the theme of piety. The base material is densely shaped or blown glass processed in the spirit of the best traditions of Czech glassmaking.

Customers can choose from three sizes and several basic colors of flacons. They can also select a closure from a range of various authorial lids HERE.


The original approach is also reflected in the design concept, where contemporary artists crown the flacons with sculpted lids made of glass material. Each of them represents an independent artistic artifact derived from their current work.


Flacons have been used since ancient times, especially in culturally advanced countries. The oldest examples come from Egypt. Usually, flacons in history are associated with perfumes. However, the French "flacon" means any small container with a closure that can have various uses.


The collection is artistically open and will be constantly supplemented with new works. We are happy to create a custom object directly from our chosen author or the client's chosen author.





If you are interested in your own private work, do not hesitate to visit our e-shop.

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