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Glass soul collection 2023

Glaz Bridge funerary art production

molten-glass sculpture and photography

Lhotský glassworks, Jungrová photography studio


dimensions: Vitrucell: 320 x 320 x 200 millimeters, weight: Vitrucell: 19 kilograms

Alžběta Jungrová uses her photographic reportage to capture the many layers of human emotion, whether through traditional photography, collages, or video projections. At present, she is experimenting on the intersection of the photographic image with glass.

Zdeněk Lhotský was the initiator and founder of Studio Lhotský, which continues the great tradition of Czech glass sculpture. His studio realises many works by leading Czech and international glass artists. Lhotský’s work alternates between molten-glass sculpture and glassware design, with some realisations extending into architecture. He was a co-founder of the artistic group “Hardheads” (Tvrdohlaví, 1987).


If you are interested in your own private work, do not hesitate to visit our e-shop.


For each offered object we enclose:

  • the author's certificate

  • certificate of production in the KLUMPAR / LHOTSKÝ glassworks

  • certificate of authenticity GLAZ BRIDGE

  • medallion from the author's production

  • engraved logo on the object

  • shipping box suitable for air transport

  • we produce 1 to max 5 pieces of each object according to the copyright law, each piece is original

  • each of the objects can be produced in a different colour, same form

  • we are able to arrange for the production of a different work from each of the authors

  • delivery from the binding order is guaranteed from 1 to 3 months


Relevant service:

We provide the relevant service (transport, safe storage in a depository, photo documentation, insurance, repairs, etc.)

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