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Pietas is the virtue which admonishes us to do our duty to our country or our parents or other blood relations.

Marcus Tullius Cicero / 106–43 př. n. l.

Glass Sould on CNN 

Broadcastes on 29/5/2023


Vysíláno na CNN PRIMA News 29.5.2023

Dear partners, dear art collectors,


Please allow us to invite you to visit the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, where a world-unique collection of art objects entitled PIETAS / THE GLASSED SOUL is currently on display.

The project was realized by Glaz Bridge in cooperation with leading Czech glass studios in the field of fused sculpture.


We cordially invite you to the exhibition halls of our leading institution. 


In case of your interest, we will gladly arrange a private guided tour with the curator of the collection and founder of the project Martina Sikorova.

Exhibition PIETAS / GLASSED SOUL - The Return of Funeral Sculpture

  • Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague 1 - Old Town, 17. listopadu street

Open from 18th of May to 17th of September 2023 (10.00 - 18.00 except Mondays).

Glaz Bridge and the Museum of Decorative Arts Prague

A total of 21 leading Czech artists from various disciplines present their concept of molten glass sculpture presented in commemorative boxes. These are traditionally used to hold the ashes of the deceased, but can also serve as beautiful art objects that preserve the memory of a loved one in your home. You can store not only the ashes of the deceased in glass sculptures, but also, for example, their letters, jewellery, or other items that you hold dear to your memories. The objects can travel with you, moving around as "mobile tombs", memorials .

The exhibition of 21 glass artworks entitled Glass Soul / Pietas / Return of Funeral Sculpture presents the first results of the project initiated and realized by Glaz Bridge. The collection includes works by artists who have reflected on the function of funerary sculpture in today's society.

The intention of Martina Sikorova, the author of the project, was to present the most diverse mosaic of approaches to this topic. Therefore, artists of different ages and professional experience were approached for the realization of the project, whether it was glassmaking, sculpture, painting, architecture, jewellery or photography, fashion design, architecture. By penetrating into a different field, they reveal more of the other qualities of art: the ability to converge different expressive media and, through imagination, to break down the boundaries between stereotypes.

It is no coincidence that the works were created in Czech glass studios whose reputation is recognized worldwide: the oldest fused sculpture studio in Železný Brod (Studio Lhotský s.r.o.), Janecký studio s.r.o. (Prague) and the jewellery company Belda spol. s.r.o. The Klumpar studio (Železný Brod), headed by Vladimíra Klumpar Pavlik, provided essential support for the idea of the project and applied suggestions inspired by her long-term stay in the USA. The owners of the glass studios not only offered the glassworks for implementation, but as active artists and teachers they themselves became the creators of many of the exhibited artefacts.

We have the following projects in progress, be a part of it! Together with partners, Arte Bohemien, a non-profit organization, we are preparing:


  • Funeral Symposium

  • Funeral Art Competition

  • Book publication The Glass Soul

  • Time-lapse documentary and medallions of the authors


Topics include issues related to commemorative passing and craftsmanship in our country. 

Symposium dates 12th - 17th of September, 2023

Glaz Bridge information


On our website you can find a portfolio of collaborating authors and catalogue sheets for the realized objects. 

In case of preliminary interest we attach the following information:


  • the exhibited collection forms a unified whole

  • we will arrange the production of the second to fifth original of the collection (according to the copyright law) with the appropriate certificates = author's, glassworks, Glaz Bridge, video documentation and author's medallion.

  • The price of the object is between 95.000,- CZK - 1.450.000,- CZK.

  • The production time from the order takes about 3 months.

  • On request, we can arrange the production of another object by our anchor or external authors according to the client's choice. 

Contact us! Be a part of. 

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